Celebrate great teaching.

TeachFest celebrates great teaching and launches powerful professional development experiences for teachers.

What is TeachFest?

TeachFest is an event that celebrates great teaching and kicks off a powerful collaborative learning experience for teachers. TeachFest brings together amazing teachers, coaches, and school leaders, and provides the time, resources, and community necessary to collaborate, learn, and create.

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What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of talented teachers from around the country who are selected to participate in TeachFest. They represent district, charter, and private schools, and offer a wealth of experiences and backgrounds. This group is united in their goal to develop themselves and each other, through a collaborative process of creating, curating, and sharing high-quality resources.

Join the Dream Team 2014

Apply to the Dream Team to participate in TeachFest 2014! We're looking for talented teachers of math and ELA in grades 2-12 who are not only content-area experts, but also collaborative, hungry for feedback, and excited to grow their leadership skills.

Apply to the 2014 Dream Team.

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